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Atelier Weyers specialises in developing set designs for the international cultural landscape. Christoph Weyers has made a name for himself in recent years with a host of successful productions, which have long since become his trademark. » more

He has also developed designs and concepts for restaurants, event locations and museums. After his time as associate set designer for the German productions “Dance of the Vampires”, “Cats”, “Les Misérables” and “Mozart”, he switched to freelance work and designed sets for musical theatre, plays and revues, among others, for countless productions on the European theatre scene. Photos, reviews and other information about his stage designs can be found on this website. Christoph Weyers has his studio on the premises of Gallissas Verlag where he is now co-owner and creative director. Together with his team and the publisher, they develop new plays, create staging concepts, and provide artistic support and content all the way up to the premiere. In addition to stage design, Christoph Weyers also does costume design depending on the play.